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The proportion of Utah public school 8th graders who scored at the highest two levels in mathematics on national assessment tests increased by 36% between 1992 and 2005.

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Utah History Teacher of the Year 2009

“There has been a great deal of conversation and concern over the United State's ability to compete in the global economy and better test scores in math and science may be HOW we get there. But if we do not teach our children the foundations of our society and the principles on which it was built they will not understand WHY we did it in the first place.”

2009 History Teacher of the Year—Tim Bailey

Hooking kids on history is quite an accomplishment!  A challenge Escalante Elementary School teacher Tim Bailey is up to.  Salt Lake City School District’s history teacher, Mr. Bailey has been named Utah’s History Teacher of the Year. 

Mr. Bailey was chosen for this award because he exemplifies the attributes of outstanding educators.  He has received high accolades for his work in children’s theatre and as a literacy coordinator.  He has also been a Fulbright award winner and as a teacher representative to NASA.

Mr. Bailey is a dedicated instructor who uses high quality materials and best practices in the classroom.  He realizes the importance of teaching all student’s our nations’ narrative and the principles of freedom.  He is the author of a series of books published by Scholastic called Easy Simulations.  The series is targeted at upper elementary and middle school classrooms.  Each book provides the tools needed to conduct week-long simulations on different topics such as explorers, the American Revolution and How a Bill Becomes a Law.  Tim believes that students gain a deeper understanding of historical topics as they build their reading and writing skills so these crucial literacy components are an integral part of his history units.  He has also pioneered efforts to help other teachers move away from a reliance on textbooks to student-centered, activity and idea based instruction.

Mr. Bailey has earned the respect and admiration of those who work with him as a colleague, as a teacher and as a leader.  Whether he is working with children, parents, teachers or administrators, he consistently shows kindness and acceptance to those around him.

Congratulations Mr. Bailey!


Source: Utah State Office of Education