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Utah is one of the top 10 states in the nation in proportion of 7th through 12th grade public school science teachers with majors in their field.

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Myths and Facts about Vouchers

MYTH 1: Private voucher schools have to meet the same requirements as Utah public schools.


MYTH 2: Vouchers will help Utah families afford tuition at private schools.


MYTH 3: We don't need to spend more money on Utah's public schools.


MYTH 4: Vouchers will save taxpayers money.


MYTH 5: Private school students perform better academically than their public school peers.


MYTH 6: As the demand for private schools increases, so will the supply.


MYTH 7: Vouchers are the same as G.I. Bill and Pell Grant.


MYTH 8: Vouchers will lower class size in public schools.



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