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Lauren Tanner, fourth-grade teacher at Barnett Elementary, received a $1,250 grant from the Utah Aerospace Education Foundation to run an after-school science class to help keep students interested in space, technology, math, and science.

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Welcome to Utahns for Public Schools  

Achieving the goal of quality public education for every child in Utah will require every one of us to take action. Take the time to learn, vote and act on behalf of our children's future. Understand key issues and decisions that impact Utah's education system, and make quality education a priority.  Together, we can give kids a better education.


Become a Delegate

Why those who support children's issues should become involved...

2014 Caucus Presentation - Utah from Holly Langton


Every Vote Should Count

Count My Vote Citizens' Iinitiative

Currently, two percent of Utah’s voters—our delegates—choose the candidates that you and I get to vote for in elections. Signing the Count My Vote petition will give you the choice at the next November election to choose between the current system and a system where you and I, and the rest of Utah's voter's would get to choose our candidates for ourselves in a primary electon. Signing the petition doesn't make the choice between the two systems, but it will allow you to cast your vote for the system you prefer next November. Read More


Where to Sign

How to Volunteer

How to Become a Signing Location



Latest Utah Foundation Report

Highlights decline in Utah's funding effort for education

Utah’s Education Funding Effort: State Faces Long-Term Challenges

"The U.S. Census Bureau recently released data on education spending and revenue in each state for fiscal year 2009. Utah ranked last in the nation in per-pupil spending, a position it has held since 1988. This low ranking in per-pupil spending is in part the result of the high proportion of children to the general population in Utah. However, Utah Foundation has also noted that there has been a significant decline in the public education funding effort since 1995, a trend that, despite additional funds from the economic stimulus package and the recent state budget surplus, still continues."

Read the full report here.



Public School Funding—Are We Doing Enough?

Reports show changes to Utah tax policies over the past decade have eroded public education funding by more than $1 billion per year.


The School Funding and Tax Policy Series Reports I-IV issued by Utahns for Public Schools (UTPS) highlights legislative policy changes that are responsible for Utah’s decline in Public Education funding effort. In addition, it is a warning that if these trends persist, they will continue to significantly limit funding to Public Education in the future. These research reports find that systemic, if not systematic, changes have occurred in the past decade that, if reversed, would bring more than a $1 billion in revenue back into Public Education. View reports...




What's going on in your school?

On this website, educators, parents and policymakers from all across the state are sharing what's already working in public schools—and sparking a conversation about how to make it work for children in every school.  Join the conversation!





This site is your resource for information on education issues facing the state of Utah.  We hope you will visit often and join our efforts to strengthen public schools and improve education for all Utah students.